8:09pm 10-22-2022
Replied on: 11:10am 10-23-2022


3:14am 07-20-2022
Nicolas Sequeira
Scrolling through your gallery is a real trip here at 2:13 A.M. I think I've just about entered the 7th dimension at this point... yet across all dimensions, your art really holds up. Wham-bam outasite!
Replied on: 10:09am 09-15-2022

this message was so intense i had no idea what to reply to it for months but thank u a lot i think about this so much

4:38am 05-24-2022
Replied on: 7:36am 05-24-2022

AAA yeah!! now i recognize, yeah i uploaded the sticker a few days ago to my main index page x

3:29am 05-22-2022
hi veir! I'm wondering if you could create a sticker, since I'd love to link to your site on mine.
Replied on: 12:50pm 05-22-2022

of course! i'll put it up in a while, please send me your site though!! (i do not recognize ur name!! sorry )

9:22pm 05-15-2022
WOAHHH love ur art n ur site
Replied on: 9:49pm 05-15-2022

AAAAAA THANK U!! love yours too X ;D

2:01am 04-13-2022
Hey :-) nice artwork! The huge drawings like 1415 and so are really impressive, I can't imagine the effort. Also nice insect font! Thks for following me though!
Replied on: 9:50am 04-13-2022

aaaay thanks for the support!!! found your website last night and i loved it ✭

10:22am 04-05-2022
Replied on: 4:01pm 04-05-2022

heyyyyyyyy wassuppppppp <3